macOS Catalina failing https

Eiji Tanioka tanioka404 at
Sun Mar 1 08:08:11 CET 2020


I'm using wireguard on macOS Catalina 10.15.3 on MacBook Air 2013.
My environment is not vanilla( latest clean install is High Sierra ),
but I can access HTTPS sites over WireGuard VPN tunnel using Chrome,
Safari, curl.

My client config is very simple:
- [Interface] section have PrivateKey, ListenPort, Address, DNS, MTU.
- ListenPort is "51820", default value.
- [Peer] section have PublicKey, AllowedIPs, Endpoint, PersistentKeepalive.
- AllowedIPs is "" only.
- Endpoint is "{Server's IP}:51820".
- PersistentKeepalive is "0".

> Requests to https enabled sites over the VPN no longer work,
When access to https site over VPN tunnel, what is happening?
Connection failed?


2020年2月29日(土) 20:39 Sean Baildon <sean at>:
> Hey,
> Recently purchased and upgraded a new MBP to Catalina.
> Requests to https enabled sites over the VPN no longer work, even
> using my old configuration. Requests to insecure sites—ex.
>—work just fine.
> My iOS devices work as expected. I've tried using the iOS
> configurations on the laptop, but it's the same behaviour; hanging.
> I'm using the Mac App Store version of wireguard on a vanilla install
> of macOS Catalina. Are there any known issues? Happy to provide any
> useful debug
> Thanks,
> Sean
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