using wireguard intents from tasker?

Eiji Tanioka tanioka404 at
Mon Mar 23 06:11:32 CET 2020

This is very good news.

I've never used it, but I've found that Tasker allows for an on-demand
connection, just like the mac/ios version.

Which is more appropriate to provide translation for this feature,
Crowdin or Patch?


2020年3月23日(月) 5:27 Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason at>:
> WireGuard for Android >= 0.0.20200322 supports Tasker integration now:
> . Simply select
> the remote control option.
> This may require some small tweaks in your Tasker. I've informed the
> generally responsive developer about this, and things should be moving
> along. Email their support, support at , if you'd like to
> have a more up to date picture of what's up.
> Regards,
> Jason

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