[ANNOUNCE] WireGuard for Ubiquiti devices/EdgeOS has returned

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Mon May 4 21:16:11 CEST 2020

Hi all,

After a period of darkness, our builds of WireGuard for EdgeOS and
Ubiquiti devices have returned, thanks to Pascal Vorwerk stepping up
to takeover maintenance and CI. We've also moved this from Nils'
personal github account into the WireGuard organization. You can get
started here:


We also expect and hope that Ubiquiti will be shipping WireGuard
built-in in the mid-term future, which will be an exciting
development. Until then, here's how to get things running. The .deb
available on that site should have full Vyatta integration, which
hopefully will provide some basis for Ubiquiti's own integration work.

Please direct any questions toward Pascal, as he'll be maintaining this.


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