Ubuntu kernel >= 5.3.0-52.46 breaks DKMS build for wireguard-linux-compat >= 1.0.20200429, patch included

Pascal Ernster pascal.ernster+wireguard at rub.de
Tue May 5 05:52:24 CEST 2020

Hi Jason,

[2020-05-05 03:37] Jason A. Donenfeld:
> Can you confirm to me whether or not this patch fixes the issue on
> both 19.10 and 18.04-hwe?
> https://git.zx2c4.com/wireguard-linux-compat/commit/?id=1325bedf8ee3d69ed58460b7a8fee96d949f67da

I don't have a 19.10 machine to test on, but at least on an 18.04
machine with the 5.3.0-52.46 kernel, it works as intended.

However, building the module for the previous 5.3.0-51.44 kernel fails
now, and it doesn't fail when I use my original patch.

Note that as of now, 5.3.0-51.44 is still the latest "official" HWE
kernel for 18.04, and 5.3.0-52.46 is only available from Ubuntu's
"bionic-proposed" repo.


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