Regenerate keypair option for desktop clients

Anatoli me at
Tue May 5 09:52:22 CEST 2020


Is it possible to add an option to the desktop clients to regenerate the
keypair (on the screen with the statistics about the tunnel, where the
Edit button is located) as in the iOS app?

The rationale is that to configure a client machine an admin usually
sends a config to the user via email or similar, but for obvious
security reasons the keypair in the config should be changed. On iOS we
can ask the user to click on "Regenerate keypair" and send back the new
public key. Quite simple.

On the desktop clients today one should instruct the user to create an
empty config first, copy from there the private key, delete the config,
import the real config and replace there the private key with the
regenerated one. Then send back the public key. Quite cumbersome,
especially for non-advanced users.


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