Android client fails to auto start connection if using a DDNS address as endpoint

Laszlo KERTESZ laszlo.kertesz at
Wed May 6 13:18:51 CEST 2020

I too have this issue. My ISP does not provide a fixed IP address and
if the address changes, the Android client does not reconnect. Not
very user friendly as it is hard to do external checks and restart on
Also this is true for the desktop version of wireguard, at least on
Linux with both ifupdown and systemd-networkd (i could script a check
and restart easily though).

On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 1:49 PM Dark Shadow <shadowofdarkness at> wrote:
> I set up Wireguard and had it working fine when manually starting the
> connection.
> After that I wanted to have it be always on so that it would auto
> connect when turning the phone on but I found that it would say it was
> connected but no data would transfer.
> Manually turning it off and on again would fix the connection
> If I change the server address to a IP address everything works
> correctly and the connection just works after turning on the phone.
> I assume this is a bug that can hopefully be fixed as I would prefer
> to use the dyndns address in the settings.

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