WireGuard over WireGuard

Derrick Lyndon Pallas derrick at pallas.us
Wed May 6 19:54:42 CEST 2020

Have you checked your MTUs? ~Derrick

On 5/6/20 9:57 AM, Mo Balaa wrote:
> We are running WireGuard over WireGuard. It appears to work well;
> however I am noticing some applications struggle to work reliably.
> Lots of failed page loadss / timeouts. Any pointers on how I could go
> about debugging these issues?
> Any general pointers on running WireGuard over WireGuard? One note
> about my deployment is that it uses socat to transparently proxy the
> inner tunnel between devices.
> The setup looks something like this:
> tunnel 1 (iOS) -> socat -> tunnel 0 -> Linux (tunnel 0) -> (tunnel 1)
> Thanks for the feedback.

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