Significant Dropped Packets on WG interface

Mike O'Connor mike at
Thu May 14 11:34:49 CEST 2020

> Reduce MTU of the WG interfaces to accomodate for overhead. See 
> for
> calculations of by how much.
Ok but why all of a sudden, I'll go thought the process again and see.
>>           inet6 addr: 2506:c500:ff4:1::aa/64 Scope:Global
> I wonder what's this IP range, is this some VPN service? Squatting on
> unassigned IPs within 2000::/3 seems like a very bad practice. If they wanted
> an imaginary GUA for their NAT66, I'd suggest something like 66::/16 instead.
I have a ipv6 range allocated, I changed the ip before posting.

I'm routing my part of my class C and a small part of my ipv6 range from
my DC to my home.


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