[EdgeRouter] PtP links using /32 subnet mask

Skyler Mäntysaari samip537 at kapsi.fi
Sun Nov 1 19:39:42 CET 2020

Hi there list,

Does anyone know how can I achieve this configuration in EdgeRouter?
Like how do I tell it what the peer address actually is?

PrivateKey = <snip>
#Address =,fe80::22b:42ff:42bb:3db0/64
PostUp = /usr/sbin/ip addr add dev hel1_zotan_dn42 peer
PostUp = /usr/sbin/ip addr add fe80::22b:42ff:42bb:5db0/64 dev
hel1_zotan_dn42 peer fe80::4
ListenPort = 52341
Table = off

PublicKey = B+3QYRU5UqaWYAsKMfyk7wqDzsFZ31RluCakeXEVm2E=
Endpoint =  <snip>
PersistentKeepalive = 25
AllowedIPs =,fd00::/8,fe80::/64

P.S I did tweak the interface script on EdgeOS so it allows duplicate

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