Using Wireguard for Geo redundancy

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Wed Nov 4 17:53:25 CET 2020

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> Hi!
> I am looking for information on how to leverage Wireguard in a geo-redundancy scenario.
> We have a couple management boxes colocated next to each other that provide HA via a VIP that "jumps" between each of those management boxes depending on availability.

How is HA implemented in this case? If it is based on ARP, then I am
afraid that WireGuard cannot do the same thing.

> Now lets say we want to place management box on datacenter 1 (DC1) and management box 2 on datacenter2 (DC2).
> Assuming the VIP cannot move between DCs, how could you leverage Wireguard to provide the same level of redundancy but with geographically dispersed hosts?
> Any information on this topic or documentation that points me in the right direction would be really appreciated!

Here are some of the cases where WG can be useful:

None of them solves your problem, but maybe this can help you to
understand better how WG works.

> Thanks!
> Diego

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