Should we sunset Windows 7 support?

akloster akloster at
Thu Nov 19 18:16:07 CET 2020


On 11/19/20 10:59 AM, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
> So, the emphatic takeaway here seems to be that we're not going to
> suddenly ditch 25% of people. So, the recent v0.2.y series released
> has amped up support for Windows 7, including automatic detection of
> KB2921916.
> We'll revisit the discussion in some amount of time if the market
> share seems to be decreasing.
> I did notice, in the course of using Windows 7 to develop for it, that
> every once in a while, the whole screen will fill up with a notice
> saying WARNING, WINDOWS 7 IS EOL'D or something to that extent. We'll
> see what effect that has.
> Jason

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