Using wg-quick without having it set routes

PGNet Dev at
Mon Nov 23 15:44:12 CET 2020

On 11/21/20 4:59 AM, Nikolai Lusan wrote:
> Hi,
> I have recently started using wireguard as a VPN between my home
> network[s] and my external servers. In addition to this I have been
> deploying it on other machines I would like to have connected to my
> network via VPN (mostly friends who I want to have access to my
> internal network, and me to their machines for remote admin/trouble
> shoothing).
> I am running Debian and had set things up using
> /etc/network/interfaces.d/ files. I was wanting move to use wg-quick
> with systemd - trying to bring up newly created interfaces on the main
> server/termination point using wg-quick leads to wg trying to create
> routes for all IP ranges in "AllowedIPs". I would like to be able to
> _not_ have this happen, is it possible? Or should I just stick with the
> interfaces.d file method and "auto wg[0-N]"?

You can disable auto-route generation with

	Table = off


	Disable (auto) routing for Wireguard

Of course, any required routing is then your responsibility ...

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