Android app: Opt-in feature to refresh server DNS names before reconnecting

Alexander Oliver Mader b52 at
Tue Nov 24 12:13:22 CET 2020


I'm not sure whether my problem (which I guess many people have) can be 
solved without adjusting the Android app. Hence, the following question.

My current setup involves a Raspberry Pi running wireguard in my LAN with a 
daily changing WAN IP. Thus, I connect to my RPi via a Dynamic DNS address, 
which is automatically updated after each forced disconnect of my ISP.

I use the Android app with the "always on" option, but wireguard fails to 
properly reconnect to my RPi after the DDNS changes.

Is there already a solution in place to maintain a continues connection in 
this kind of scenario?

If not, would you be willing to accept patches to resolve this? If so, what 
would be an acceptable adjustment?

Sincerely, Oli

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