more specific routes for IPs added to "AllowedIPs =" ?

PGNet Dev at
Thu Oct 1 00:42:19 CEST 2020

I've two linux machines connected with wg.

 Machine #1 is a remote VM, & connects to the public 'net.

 Machine #2 is local, on my LAN.

To date, they've only routed internal traffic. Nice -n- easy.

I'm adding forwarding of specific EXTERNAL traffic from the 'net, received at Machine #1, to port-specific services, on the LAN.

E.g. a 'listener' on a local lan machine, @ ip port 11111

On the local end of the VPN, for any external IP that needs to traverse the VPN link, adding the specific IP to

	AllowedIPs = ... X.X.X.X

works.  Traffic flows.

BUT, that adds a local route

	X.X.X.X dev wg0 scope link

so ALL local traffic from local lan to that IP, e.g. an ssh session, gets routed BACK via that new route over the VPN.

I'd like to limit that -- so that ONLY traffic from the 'net to that local listener on ip port 11111 is routed back via the VPN; all _other_ traffic to the originating IP (e.g., that ssh connection), gets routed over my normal default route.

What's the cleanest way -- in wireguard config -- to

	(a) allow any/all IPs over the VPN
	(b) limit the route to the specific ip target/port

So far, I seem to _need_ that originating IP in the "allowedips ="; which creates the 'overreaching' route ...

I'm guessing some judicious use of PostUp/Down routes set?

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