lineageos 17.1after autostart on boot tunnel not functioning

Chris wireguard at
Thu Oct 1 16:42:39 CEST 2020

In answer to my own conribution and to further clarify the problem:
The server address was given as a DNS Name rather than an ip number.
Replacing it with the ip number, it works.
This probably means that wireguard tries to contact the server before DNS is 
And this does not change!!
I never had this problem with openvpn.

On 26/09/2020 12:40, Chris wrote:
> I'm running the f-droid repo of the wireguard client on lineageos 17.1
> When set auto autostart on boot, it does run.
> The wireguard process is running and the tun0 interface is up with its setup 
> ip address.
> However the tunnel is not working. I can't ping the server.
> After manually disabling and re-enabling the client everything is fine.
> BR
> Chris

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