Re: Samsung Galaxy S10e can’t reach local devices in network

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Fri Oct 9 16:02:47 CEST 2020

Hmm, from that command output, I'm still not quite sure. The most
significant difference I can see from casual inspection is:

19000:  from all fwmark 0xcd/0x1ffff iif lo lookup 1026
21000:  from all fwmark 0xce/0x1ffff lookup 1026

19000:  from all fwmark 0x2ad/0x1ffff iif lo lookup 1017
21000:  from all fwmark 0x2ab/0xffff lookup 1017

Is the galaxy missing a leading 0x1 in the mask of that second rule there?

What do you get on each when you run `ip route get`? Same
thing or is it different?

I also noticed that on the Galaxy, there's a direct route to some
telco server -- ` via dev wlan0 table 99 proto
static`. I didn't see this direct route on the Sony. I doubt it's
related to the above, but I've also never seen this before and wonder
if it's some VoLTE/VoWIFI hand-over trick in recent Android networking

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