Weird behavior with IPv6 on Windows

Jérémy Prego jeremy at
Fri Oct 16 17:12:12 CEST 2020


this is because you are using an ip in fdXX: XX: XX. this kind of IPV6
has a lower priority than IPV4. suddenly, if there is an A record, it
will have priority over AAAA. it does not come from wireguard.

Le 15/10/2020 à 14:04, Enzo A a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> First of all, thanks a lot for developing and maintaining Wireguard.
> It really is an amazing product!
> I am running with a strange issue with Wireguard on Windows. When my
> tunnel is enabled, DNS-resolving hosts that are in AllowedIPs results
> in the A (IPv4) record of the (sub)domain being resolved over the AAAA
> (IPv6) record, which gets ignored when wireguard is enabled.
> The intended behavior is that the AAAA record always gets resolved in priority.
> Here is my client config:, and here are
> also some screenshots of an example ping showing the issue:
> Thanks!

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