Using WG to route between two LANs

Samuel Holland samuel at
Wed Oct 28 04:22:46 CET 2020


On 10/22/20 10:43 AM, Dashamir Hoxha wrote:
> I have created a network as shown in this diagram:
> The red arrows show the WG connections. Only the server has a public IP.
> From client1 I can ping to the internet and also to client4: `ping`
> However I cannot ping to the LAN IP of client4: `ping`
> My ultimate goal is to be able to ping from client2 on LAN1 to client5 on LAN2
> (both of which have no WG configuration and interface), routing through
> the WG network (client1 --> server <-- client4).
> Is this possible? I think that it should work, with proper routing,
> but I am not able
> to figure out the proper configurations. Has anybody tried something like this?
> Do you have any suggestions or advice?

Yes, this is possible. You need:
 - LAN1 needs to be in the AllowedIPs for client1 on the server
 - LAN2 needs to be in the AllowedIPs for client4 on the server
 - A route on client1 to LAN2: ip route add dev wg0
 - A route on client4 to LAN1: ip route add dev wg0
 - Routes on the server to both LANS (same as above)

A gateway for the routes is not needed. Once Linux passes the packet to the
WireGuard interface, cryptokey routing (AllowedIPs) is used.

You do not need any NAT.


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