Fwd: Error when connecting from windows client

Johnathan Clarke johnathanclarke at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 05:34:07 UTC 2021

Hi Everyone,
i am getting an error unable to create wintun interface my Google Fu
has not given me many results that look like they have an answer i
Where should the WinTun files be located? should i replace them with
the files from the wintun project page

is there away to re register the Tun Device?

2021-04-26 14:45:33.377930: [TUN] [Home] Starting WireGuard/0.3.11
(Windows 10.0.21364; amd64)
2021-04-26 14:45:33.378484: [TUN] [Home] Watching network interfaces
2021-04-26 14:45:33.382398: [TUN] [Home] Resolving DNS names
2021-04-26 14:45:33.382398: [TUN] [Home] Creating Wintun interface
2021-04-26 14:45:33.519928: [TUN] [Home] [Wintun] CreateAdapter:
Creating adapter
2021-04-26 14:45:33.828328: [TUN] [Home] [Wintun] SelectDriver: Using
existing driver 0.10
2021-04-26 14:45:34.289159: [TUN] [Home] [Wintun] CreateAdapter:
Failed to setup adapter (status: 0x0): The operation completed
successfully. (Code 0x00000000)
2021-04-26 14:45:34.289159: [TUN] [Home] [Wintun] OpenDeviceObject:
Failed to connect to adapter ROOT\NET\0000 associated instance : The
system cannot find the path specified. (Code 0x00000003)
2021-04-26 14:45:34.289159: [TUN] [Home] [Wintun] WintunStartSession:
Failed to open adapter device object
2021-04-26 14:45:34.383133: [TUN] [Home] Unable to create Wintun
interface: Error starting session: The system cannot find the path
2021-04-26 14:45:34.386136: [TUN] [Home] Shutting down

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