[Warning: DMARC Fail Email] Re: ipv6 connexion fail - ipv4 OK

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.net
Fri Aug 27 21:44:54 UTC 2021

On Sat, 28 Aug 2021 07:05:45 +0930
Mike O'Connor <mike at pineview.net> wrote:

> On a 1500 link I'm having to use 1280 to get ipv6 to successfully go 
> over a wireguard link.

Then it is not a true 1500 MTU link, something in-between drops packets at a
lower bar. Or maybe not all of them, but just UDP, for example.

But yeah, 1280 is worth trying as well, maybe Daniel has a similar issue.

As for me I am using MTU 1412 WG over IPv6 on a 1492 MTU underlying link just

> I really think wireguard should be able to fragment and send via 
> multiply UDP packets.

It is able to, as long as the underlying link MTU is set to a correct value
(i.e. where largest-sized packets actually go through, and not get silently

With respect,

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