Android: more than one tunnel

Eric Light eric at
Wed Jul 14 22:09:36 UTC 2021

Hi Chris!

I don't have any experience with the Android implementation specifically... but most likely, your two tunnels have overlapping AllowedIPs ranges.  When this happens, bringing up the second interface will override the routing created by the first interface.

Most commonly, this happens when someone configures both interfaces with AllowedIPs =  To fix this problem, make sure there's no overlap of AllowedIPs in your tunnel definitions.

I hope this helps  :)

(my apologies if the problem is something Android-specific that I don't know about)


Q: Why is this email five sentences or less?

On Wed, 14 Jul 2021, at 17:49, Chris wrote:
> I have two distinct tunnels defined on Android.
> However, I can only toggle between the two. I cannot have both activated at the 
> same time.
> I need both connections.
> Am I missing anything?
> Why not several tunnels with several wg servers???
> Why is this being prevented?
> BR
> Chris

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