Android: more than one tunnel

Chris wireguard at
Thu Jul 15 06:25:59 UTC 2021

Hi Eric,

thanks for you thoughts.
However, this is not the case. I have the same setup on many machines and 
different OSes.
Apart from that: you can still have many tunnels running with overlapping 
routeing ranges.
What will happen within the routeing tables for the routeing decision is a 
different question.

On Android switching on one tunnel just switches off the other.

I fear, Simon's reply is correct:
There’s only one active service per user or profile. Starting a new service, 
automatically stops an existing service.
So, unfortunately, that would be an unavoidable limitation of Android.


On 15/07/2021 00:09, Eric Light wrote:
> Hi Chris!
> I don't have any experience with the Android implementation specifically... 
> but most likely, your two tunnels have overlapping AllowedIPs ranges. When 
> this happens, bringing up the second interface will override the routing 
> created by the first interface.
> Most commonly, this happens when someone configures both interfaces with 
> AllowedIPs = To fix this problem, make sure there's no overlap of 
> AllowedIPs in your tunnel definitions.
> I hope this helps :)
> (my apologies if the problem is something Android-specific that I don't know 
> about)
> E
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> A:
> On Wed, 14 Jul 2021, at 17:49, Chris wrote:
>> I have two distinct tunnels defined on Android.
>> However, I can only toggle between the two. I cannot have both activated at the
>> same time.
>> I need both connections.
>> Am I missing anything?
>> Why not several tunnels with several wg servers???
>> Why is this being prevented?
>> BR
>> Chris

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