Problems with Windows client over PulseSecure VPN

Peter Whisker peter.whisker at
Fri Jul 30 07:28:37 UTC 2021

Thanks Jason.

Does this mean that the driver speed will improve as it will move out of 
user space into the Windows Kernel in a similar way to Linux?


On 29/07/2021 12:00, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
> Hi Peter, Heiko, Christopher, and others,
> An update on:
>> I had a strange idea for how to fix this without requiring
>> recompilation or removal of that code.
>> 1) Enable DangerousScriptExecution:
>> 2) Add a PostUp line to your [Interface] section:
>> PostUp = wg set %WIREGUARD_TUNNEL_NAME% listen-port 0
> I just wanted to let you know that this problem has been entirely
> fixed (I think?) in the "WireGuardNT" kernel driver project I've been
> working on (and haven't yet announced aside from development
> screenshots on Twitter), and therefore the above steps will no longer
> be necessary. When that ships as part of the v0.4 series of the normal
> wireguard-windows client, you won't need the "listen-port 0" hack
> anymore, as the kernel driver uses a more clever trick than the one
> used by wireguard-go. So please do watch this mailing list in the next
> few weeks for an announcement of that project, as I'll be very
> interested in some real world tests and confirmation of the fix.
> Thanks,
> Jason

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