wireguard command line, dumplog and GUI pop-up in 0.3.16

matt spaethe mspaethe at outlook.com
Fri Jul 9 05:48:09 UTC 2021


I installed wireguard 0.3.16 as a tunnel on Windows 10 IoT.  When I attempt to dump the log buffer to file, I get a pop up about usage of wireguard command line.  I then verified that I can still perform /dumplog on a second machine with 0.3.14.

I then went to a third machine with 0.3.14 and /dumplog worked successfully.  I then upgraded to 0.3.16 from inside WireGuard Manager on this machine.  In the same Windows shell, the command 'wireguard /dumplog log.txt' results in a pop up about command line usage.

I've been trying to run without Manager because I don't want users accidently shutting down the wireguard tunnel.  So to look at logs, I use the command line option /dumplog.

Thank you,

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