Windows Client - issue with LimitedOperatorUI rights

Bruno UT1 bandry at
Tue Jul 13 14:59:35 UTC 2021

Hi !

I install Wireguard Client on Windows 10 systems.

My users are not administrators, so the registry key LimitedOperatorUI 
is set to 1.

My issue is that the client has to run at least once as administrator to 
work for "Network Configuration Operators".

My script adds users to the administrative group, create the registry 
key then installs Wireguard Client:

  - If i don't use the parameter |DO_NOT_LAUNCH, |I have a popup telling 
me I need administrator rights. I don't want that popup, be everything 
works after a reboot.

  - If I use the parameter |DO_NOT_LAUNCH,| ||I don't have the popup but 
Wireguard don't start, even after a reboot. If I run Wireguard as 
administrator, it's unlocked for other users.

  - A third possibility is to install the client after a reboot, so the 
rights are good, |DO_NOT_LAUNCH |is not needed and no popup appears. But 
I don't want to force that reboot (I use SCCM and it don't like reboots 
before install is complete).

So I think there is a first start issue that needs administrator rights 
even with LimitedOperatorUI  active.



ps: I send another message (06/28) for another issue. I received "Your 
message to WireGuard awaits moderator approval" but message isn't posted 
and i got no notification from the moderator. Am I doing something wrong ?

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