Certain private keys being mangled by wg on FreeBSD

Christian McDonald rcmcdonald91 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 14:27:59 UTC 2021

Hi Jason,

I've got an interesting case here. I've got what appears to be a few
private keys provided by Mullvad that are being mangled by wg(8) on
FreeBSD12.2 (pfSense 2.5.1+).

Private key ```Lm0BA4UyPilHH5qnXCfr6Lw8ynecOPor88tljLy3ALk=``` ...
becomes ```KG0BA4UyPilHH5qnXCfr6Lw8ynecOPor88tljLy3AHk=``` on wg

another example is ```zQwldrChCYP3P2fZeTtHmj3c/88hxM+TaLIq1mJ28ZY=``` turns into

I must have just gotten lucky with the keys Mullvad provided to me, as
those worked and continue to work fine for me.

ref : https://github.com/theonemcdonald/pfSense-pkg-WireGuard/issues/105


R. Christian McDonald
E: rcmcdonald91 at gmail.com

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