potentially disallowing IP fragmentation on wg packets, and handling routing loops better

Peter Linder peter at fiberdirekt.se
Mon Jun 7 11:55:01 UTC 2021

This is indeed the case for me, spot on.

On 2021-06-07 13:46, Roman Mamedov wrote:
> So this same host that just generated the 1574-byte encapsulated VXLAN packet
> with something it received via its eth0 port, now needs to send it further to
> its WG peer(s). For this to succeed, the in-tunnel WG MTU needs to be 1574 or
> more, not 1412 or 1420, as VXLAN itself can't be fragmented[1]; or even if it
> could, that would mean a much worse overhead ratio than currently.

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