openwrt interface does not have a public key after upgrade from librecmc 1.4.8 to openwrt 21.02-rc2 to openwrt 21.02-rc2 ath79

Dimitar Vassilev dimitar.vassilev at
Fri Jun 11 06:23:40 UTC 2021

I upgraded an WNDR3800 from librecmc 1.4.8/ath71 to openwrt 21.02-rc2
ath79 and reapplied the librecmc 1.4.8 configuration. I'm seeing now
the interface configuration in the CLI and in Luci with all the keys,
but when I click on Status->Wireguard I get a message interface does
not have a public key.
I did have a look on
and the other threads, but even when after applying the work-arounds
for DNS rebind protection still the same. My Luci is using self-signed
certs as well.
Any clues where to look further? I will be testing the device today to
see how it really works. I do have some overlapping IP ranges in the
configs that make me reluctant to test how site A machine works as a
client of site B, while the actual site A is running remotely over the

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