macOS app: DNS resolution failure

Andrew Udvare audvare at
Sat Jun 19 21:10:57 UTC 2021


I am unable to connect to my tunnel that uses a name rather than IP. Every time I click activate, I get an alert "One or more endpoint domains could not be resolved."

I can connect using a MacPorts-built copy of wg-quick in CLI. I can also connect if I put the mapping in /etc/hosts. I know I definitely have DNS working as nothing else has this issue.

Is this a sandbox issue? I noticed the code uses getaddrinfo() and when I look in the logs after clicking activate, there are many errors like this:

UNIX error exception: 17

The correct entitlements are present in the network extension entitlements.

I cannot build my own copy at this time because I do not have a paid Apple Developer account.

Andrew Udvare

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