Windows Client - Issue with Tray Icon

Bruno UT1 bandry at
Mon Jun 28 13:44:58 UTC 2021

Hi Wireguard Community!

I think I found a small bug with Wireguard Windows Client. I made tests 
with version 0.3.14, 0.3.15 and 0.3.16 with the same behavior.

My users are not administrators, so the registry key LimitedOperatorUI 
is set to 1.

I made a script with wireguard.exe /installtunnelservice to 
automatically open the tunnel on some conditions. The script runs as 

When the script starts, the tunnel is opened and the status is Active in 
the main Window but the stays off on the tray.

If the computer reboot, everything is back to normal but I can't force a 

Without the reboot, if the user try to activate the tunnel from the tray 
in fact the already opened tunnel is closed. After that, the tray has 
the good status again, but it disturbs the users.

It's probably the fact that two distinct users are involved. Is there a 
possibility to synchronize the status?

Thank you for this great VPN,



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