WireGuard connection without interface-address / linknet

Christoph Loesch wireguard-mail at chil.at
Wed Nov 3 16:03:25 UTC 2021


regarding the Windows Client I got a good hint in the chat from user another| who told me to look at the routing table.

There I figured out the differences:
- if an address is configured, the Windows Client sets the correct routes from defined AllowedIPs to reach the remote subnets.
- if *no address* is configured in [Interface] then not a single route is set from AllowedIPs but it sets routes for APIPA 169.254.* subnet.

Version information:
App version: 0.5.1
Driver version: 0.10.1
Go version: 1.17.2
Operating System: Windows 10.0.19043
Architecture: amd64

Kind regards,

Am 03.11.2021 um 14:45 schrieb Christoph Loesch:
> Hi,
> (mail resent without URLs, because it got filtered by moderation)
> I am using WireGuard on an OpenWRT VM as server for clients basically to reach the server's internal LAN at
> As clients I currently use different WireGuard implementations like:
> - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter (EdgeOS v2 based on Debian/stretch) with package from github/WireGuard/wireguard-vyatta-ubnt
> - Mikrotik RouterOS v7.1 with Mikrotik own (at the moment beta) implementation
> - Windows 10 Client from wireguard website
> Server config looks like this:
> config interface 'wg0'
>         option proto 'wireguard'
>         option private_key 'cNT...8Hc='
>         option listen_port '51820'
>         list addresses ''
> config wireguard_wg0
>         option description 'router-test'
>         option public_key 'qT5...YGo='
>         option preshared_key 'Dle...ozI='
>         option persistent_keepalive '25'
>         option route_allowed_ips '1'
>         list allowed_ips ''
>         list allowed_ips ''
> Client config looks like this:
> [Interface]
> PrivateKey = mDk...uVs=
> Address =
> [Peer]
> PublicKey = 1sy...IkU=
> PresharedKey = Dle...ozI=
> AllowedIPs =,
> Endpoint = server.mydomain.at:51820
> PersistentKeepalive = 25
> Clients should just be able to reach the server's subnet and this subnet should be able to reach clients at (in this one example)
> Now this works all well as expected but I would like to omit using the 172.27.* addresses/linknet if possible because I dont really need/use this as it is only defined for the WireGuard tunnel itself.
> On the EdgeRouter this also works perfectly fine if I remove the 172.27.* address on both sides. It is still possible to reach the other end repestively.
> On the Mikrotik device and on the Windows client (using exact same configuration) it does not work as soon as I remove just the 172.27. address/linknet from configuration.
> (I didn't test other clients yet)
> I guess on the EdgeRouter this works because I set: set interfaces wireguard wg0 **route-allowed-ips true** - so the corresponding routes are added.
> The Mikrotik device and the Windows client do not offer such an option, so those routes have to be added manually I guess?
> But why does that work "out of the box" as soon as I add any linknet (172.27.* in my example) for the tunnel itself to the configuration?
> Is this a fault in the implementation and I should file a bug report or is that expected that way?
> (it's not a big issue using the linknet, I am just curious and would like avoid using it if it is not neccessarily required)
> Thanks for any thoughts and kind regards,
> Christoph

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