Support for M1 MacBook Simulators

Igor Bozin igorbzin at
Thu Nov 4 11:14:15 UTC 2021

Hello David and Neutron,

my setup is following: I have added the WG library as a SPM dependency to my project and followed all steps as described in the Github readme from wireguard:

What I am trying to do is to build a framework which has some other functionality on top and wrap WG within that framework. I can build just fine for iOS arm64 and iPhone simulator x86_64 architectures.

When I try to do the steps you described in the linked message, to build a framework for arm64 iPhone simulator, I still get the following error when I try to build the project with an arm64 simulator target:

/Users/igorbozin/Projects/cyan-internetprotectionsdk-ios/InternetProtectionApp.xcodeproj Building for iOS Simulator, but the linked library 'libwg-go.a' was built for iOS.

Is there a way to modify the makefile, so I can build a version of libwg-go.a for arm64 iPhone simulators?

Best regards,


> On 29.10.2021, at 17:24, Neutron <dotneutron at> wrote:
> Hey Igor,
> I believe I encountered this in the past.
> I'm not sure what your exact setup is since you mentioned it's a separate project presumably depending on WireGuardKit, but I can build libwg-go for arm64 just fine using the trick I mentioned in the linked thread. Just add this flag to Sources/WireGuardKitGo/Makefile.
> GOOS_iphonesimulator := ios
> Hope it helps.

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