[Windows Client] Out of date Title scare my users

Bruno UT1 bandry at ut1.org
Wed Nov 24 15:21:23 UTC 2021


Thank you again for your great work.

I have a suggestion for the Windows Client (maybe applicable for others).

I install Wireguard in my university on about 500 computers in 2 phases:

Phase 1 : validation

Phase 2 : production

So my end users have not, most of the time, the last version. They have 
"Out of date" in the Wireguard window title and some of them call the 
helpdesk, thinking they have a problem.

I can't deploy all versions as soon as they are available, I can't 
activate automatic update and my users have no admin rights. So my 
suggestion is to add a new admin registry key to hide update, or not 
check them at all.

Is that possible ?


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