linux: bridging/bonding not possible

wireguard at wireguard at
Thu Oct 14 07:12:27 UTC 2021


 >> is it possible (or even planned) to add hw-addresses to the
 >> wireguard-netdevs or does this interfere with the concept of wireguard?

I hope I say nothing wrong, but its not (directly) possible and probably 
not plant.

Wireguard is a so called Layer-3 VPN, bridging is a Layer-2 thing. So it 
will no work together.
But you could use an (un)secure Layer-2-VPN (like L2TP) and transport it 
through wireguard. (similar to the often used L2TP over IPsec).
You could also take a look to softether vpn 
(, which also includes a Layer-2 VPN. But I 
have no clue about the security quality.

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