Source IP for multihomed peer

Svenne Krap svenne at
Thu Oct 14 08:30:27 UTC 2021


I have it a problem, that seems like the following is happening.

BoxA has multiple ip-addresses with different internet providers (i.e. 

BoxB is a normal single-homed dynamic peer (i.e. no fixed address), as 
is BoxC.

BoxB  and boxC both have hardcoded address1 ('boxA1')  as its peer

What seems to happen is:

1) BoxB writes sends to BoxA1  (address 1)

2) BoxA responds with BoxA2  (address 2)

3) BoxB disregards the traffic.

BoxC contacts boxA on BoxA1 and due to routing (due to BoxC's network) 
it gets replies with the right address ('boxA1'), and everything works 
as expected.

My question is twofold:

1) Does the above seem like a likely chain of events?

2) Is there any way to force the source ip of the connection from boxA 
to always use address boxA1 ?

 From the documentation Listenport only seems like the portnumber and 
there seems to be no way to set the source ip.



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