Windows Log Output to Event Viewer or Text File

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Thu Oct 14 20:02:49 UTC 2021

Hi Frank,

>From what I can see, none of what you've written describes what's
lacking in a potential command that would tail the wireguard log and
print it to standard out, perpetually. At least I couldn't figure it
out from a close read. As I wrote before, you could then pipe this
into event log or into any place else. You spoke more about why
snapshotted logs are problematic, and I'm inclined to agree with you
for a few reasons (though not the one you mentioned). But what I'm
suggesting is a tail mode, that keeps spitting out new logs as they
arrive. Are pipes problematic? Is there no ingestor that reads data
from stdin that would be convenient to you? Where does the tail
approach fall short? Does the message-based approach of event log
clash with the line-based approach of wireguard's unix-like logs? I
would like to fully understand what about this approach fails to meet
your design criteria.

One thing we could pretty easily do is add a "WireGuardEventLogger"
service, {un,}installable with:

> wireguard /installeventlogger
> wireguard /uninstalleventlogger

which would then scoop up the binary log as it grows and spit it out
to event logger, in real time. This wouldn't be too hard to do.
However, I would really like to first understand precisely what the
shortcomings would be in a simpler tail subcommand. That seems a lot
more versatile and simpler to implement too.


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