Build wireguard-linux-compat on SLES15 (s390x)

Faustin Lammler faustin at
Thu Oct 21 08:52:36 UTC 2021

Hi Samu!

Samu Voutilainen <wireguard at>,
21/10/2021 – 11:07:44 (+0300):

> kernel-default-base is kind of minimal version of default kernel, usable in 
> certain virtualization setups, for example. 
> Actually it looks like in SLE-15-SP3 wireguard.ko is in kernel-default rather 
> in -extra. That was case in SP2.
> $ rpm -ql kernel-default | ag wireguard.ko
> /lib/modules/5.3.18-59.27-default/kernel/drivers/net/wireguard/wireguard.ko.xz
Ok, thanks you.

> If the module is not present, maybe it is not compiled for s390x. Maybe SUSE’s 
> support could enlighten why such choice has been made?
I believe that Jason already asked Daniel to check for it.

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