Wireguard on FreeBSD - a few questions

Frank Volf frank at deze.org
Sun Oct 31 18:41:50 UTC 2021


This weekend I installed Wireguard on FreeBSD 13.0 and until now 
everything seems to work fine (I use the kernel module).
Installation and configuration was easy and connecting with the Android 
app works great as well.

I do have a few questions.

1) Is it possible on FreeBSD to enable some kind of logging? I did made 
a small configuration error with my first client and it was hard to find 
the error, because there does not seem to be any logging at all.  Some 
logging information would be appreciated and probably wold have pointed 
me faster to the fact that I needed to switch two keys in my config.

2) I noticed that Wireguard uses a wildcard to listen to all IP 
addresses on my multi-homed machine on his dedicated UDP port. I would 
prefer if Wireguard would only bind to the specific IP address on the 
outside interface that is designated for that use. Is this possible?

3) Final question: is it possible on the server side to restrict the 
destinations that clients can connect to it? I know, that I can set the 
AllowedIPs on the client side to restrict that, but that setting can be 
changed at the client side. It would be nice if I could restrict 
destinations at the server side (so client X can only connect to an IP 
address of an internal server that it needs access to but nothing else). 
I can probably use a state full packet filtering firewall for this, but 
it would it be possible to configure this on the Wireguard server side 
as well?

That said, I'm pleased with the first test results of Wireguard on 
FreeBSD and hopefully it keeps on running fine. Great product!

Kind regards,


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