[wireguard-apple] [iOS] Running WireGuard on a simulator

Neutron dotneutron at protonmail.ch
Thu Sep 2 06:48:48 UTC 2021

Jeff, thank you for the clarification on how a simulator operates compared to an
emulator. The difference was certainly blurry in my head. I did a little more
digging and it turns out

GOOS_iphonesimulator := ios

is not required when targeting an iOS12.0 simulator. I had initially run it with
iOS14.5. Perhaps this line can be useful in the Makefile once the project's iOS
version gets bumped. Still, I would like to know why this happens.

Just like before on iOS14.5, I'm having issues with creating/editing
configurations in the simulator, with log messages like:

Saving configuration failed: Error Domain=NEVPNErrorDomain Code=5 "IPC failed"

The message I'm getting may be just as well be unrelated, but a common theme I'm
seeing is that you can't get Network Extension providers to work on simulators.
This Eskimo fellow seems to have good insight on the matter.


If it really can't run on a simulator at the moment, perhaps it would be useful
for other tinkerers to see this mentioned somewhere in the README with a brief
reasoning attached. It would be a time saver, especially for those of us who are
not iOS hackers.


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