wireguard-go on container-optimized os on GCP

Devanath S s.devanath at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 17:48:25 UTC 2021

Hi All,

I am trying to run wireguard-go (using
"golang.zx2c4.com/wireguard/wgctrl" for configure) on
container-optimized os on GCP and I am facing the below issue. The
same works on ubuntu/centos etc

1) Wireguard device creation and tunnel gets created as required. It
works as expected
2) When the admin wants to delete the wg tunnel interface and recreate
the wg interface.  It gives error "err device or resource busy"

=> To create the tunnel device
tun.CreateTUN(deviceName, mtu).
device.NewDevice(tun, deviceLogger)
=>To delete the tunnel device
func (device *Device) Close()  which is probably calling
tun.tunFile.Close(), to close the FD

----Snippet of the logs, while closing the device and creating again

^[[0m^[[1;33m[22:04:47 2021/09/09 +0000] [WARN] LIsten_WG_API:
userspace wireguard device API interface closed, error while accepting
connection, err:fd closed

^[[0m[22:04:47 2021/09/09 +0000] [INFO] .Close: closed userspace
wireguard API interface and device

^[[0m[22:04:47 2021/09/09 +0000] [INFO] CreateWg: create userspace
wireguard device wg1

^[[0m^[[0;31m[22:04:47 2021/09/09 +0000] [EROR] CreateUSWG: userspace
tunnel interface creation failed, device name wg1, err device or
resource busy

^[[0m^[[0;31m[22:04:47 2021/09/09 +0000] [EROR] CreateWgfailed to
create wg1: device or resource busy

^[[0m^[[0;31m[22:04:47 2021/09/09 +0000] [EROR]new Config:device or
resource busy

Plz let me know if I am missing something.


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