wireguard-apple: overriding on-demand status

Maciej Leśniewski leshniack at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 22:23:41 UTC 2021


firstly, thank you for the amazing job and the on-demand feature.

Question: What if I'd like to override the exclusions and enable my
tunnel in on-demand mode just for a while (wireguard-apple
v1.0.14-25)? Do I have to edit the tunnel profile?

Explanation: I'd like to have an auto-(de)activation when network
changes, according to the rules, but still be able to override this
behavior. So the on-demand rules should be reapplied every time when
network changes, but after that I still should be able to turn on/off
the tunnel manually.

For me, the controls looks a bit over engineered right now. I think
that two switches would be better – the main switch should stay as it
was before, but should also allow to turn on/off the tunnel regardless
of the on-demand settings. And, additionally, a second switch (in the
details view) that allows to enable/disable the on-demand function.

Maybe it may cause some issues that I don't see, especially in a
multi-tunnel scenario. Anyway, please consider it.

Maciej Leśniewski

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