MTUs go strange ways - ?

Frank Volf frank at
Mon Apr 4 06:55:58 UTC 2022


The "-s" option provides the length of the ICMP data in the packet, not 
the total packet length.
To the data size you need to add 8 bytes for the ICMP header and 20 
bytes for the IP header.
So, you are sending 1328 bytes (which is noted between the brackets in 
your output).

If you change to "-s 1292" then you are actually sending packets with 
total length of 1320.

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Op 2-4-2022 om 19:41 schreef lejeczek:
> Hi guys
> I thought there was no better place to ask but here so - both ends are 
> centOS and end up having different MTUs for 'wg' interfaces and that I 
> thought, was wrong.
> 1370 (server) VS 1320 (client)
> I expected that would be negotiated between nodes without user 
> involved, right?
> Moreover if I from the client do:
> -> $ ping server -M do -s 1300
> PING ( 1300(1328) bytes of data.
> ping: local error: message too long, mtu=1320
> Could some expert or two shed more light on what & why is happening?
> many thanks, L.

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