[wireguard-apple] Reresolving DNS on device wake/network change/interval

Dan George dgeor8 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 07:46:33 UTC 2022


Is there any way when using the macOS WG apps to reresolve DNS for an
endpoint on device wake, a network change event, or at a regular

Two options I've come across:
- there's a TODO (B.4) to integrate the App Store app with wg(8) which
would potentially allow the use of reresolve-dns.sh (but not yet).
- scutil --nc can bounce the VPN interface in Network Preferences,
which reresolves DNS, but this is disruptive to traffic. Perhaps a
launchd script to run this on device wake/network change would be a
good-enough solution.

Any other options out there?


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