Is it possible to disable wireguard on specific Wi-Fi ?

Nohk Two nohktwo at
Mon Apr 18 02:12:21 UTC 2022


I setup a wireguard server at home and has a public IP address. This 
server allows the clients to access my LAN (e.g. and 
configuring the DNS servers as my DNS servers in my LAN (e.g. and

My family members use their phones (iPhone and Android) to connect to my 
LAN via the Wireguard for iOS/Android App. And this worked perfectly 
while the phones are using the 4G/5G network.

But when the phones connect to the Wi-Fi of my home's router, the DHCP 
assigns the IP addresses as, it's my LAN, to the phones. 
In this situation, phones' owners should manually turn off their 
Wireguard connection to have the internet accessing. I guess there are 
something conflict because the vanilla IP network and the allowed IP 
network are the same.

So, I have this idea that if it is possible to configure the Wireguard 
app to turn off or disable automatically when the network is established 
on specific Wi-Fi SSIDs ?

Or do you have better ideas ?


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