Wireguard crashing MacOS when going to sleep and tunnel active

Aaron Turner synfinatic at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 00:05:46 UTC 2022

I asked on the #wireguard channel and was told to post here like it's
1999, but here it goes:

MacOS Catalina / 10.15.7
MacBook Pro 16"/ 2019 (intel)
Wireguard from Apple Store v1.0.15 (26)

Recently switched from using OpenVPN to Wireguard.  Since then, I've
twice had my computer reboot upon wake-up which is definitely a new
behavior.  The only commonality I can think of is that both times I
had a Wireguard tunnel active when I closed the screen to put it to

Not getting a kernel panic/report to Apple message upon booting.

Dunno what else would be useful to help diagnose or disprove this, so
feel free to reply directly to me.


Aaron Turner
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