Feature Request :: Configuration-Option "ospf = yes|no" on Multi-Peer-Interfaces

markus at activezone.de markus at activezone.de
Thu Feb 10 00:21:07 UTC 2022


Basically, I understood that WireGuard uses a kind of packet forwarding 
(routing) via "allowed-ips". Since the beginning I have always used a 
dedicated interface with "...," for each peer and it works. 
However, I believe that an option is missing in order to allow a per peer in a multi-peer interface, that it is multicast 
traffic, it shouldn't be a problem, right?! Or just an option "ospf = 
yes|no" with which it is decided whether OSPF is transmitted in a peer 
or not. This would allow even greater flexibility between peer nodes 
with regard to dynamic routing. opinions on this?

Best regards,

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