Installer failed to install on Win 11

brian at brian at
Wed Feb 9 13:59:18 UTC 2022

Hello all!

I’ve been trying to install the Windows Client on my Win 11 machine. To no avail.

No I can’t change over to Linux on this machine. 😉

The installer downloads fine. When started it just sits and waits for something. After a while, don’t know how long exactly, but maybe around 10 minutes a message shows up and says the installer has stopped responding. I tried a retry, but same procedure.

The .msi file downloads fine. When started, it says wait until Windows configures the install. Then after like 10 minutes, a message pops up saying the server isn’t responding. I tried a retry, but same as before.

I am a programmer, but Go isn’t something I’ve even played with, and I am totally new to this area of computing. I’ll probably open a VM and in Linux hook up this way until the client will install.


Brian Kuehn

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