macOS: WireGuard traffic sent over wrong interface

Ryan Govostes rgovostes at
Sat Mar 19 18:34:30 UTC 2022

I wasn't able to find a bug tracker so apologies if this is a known issue.

I’m running macOS 12.3 with WireGuard 1.0.15 from the App Store.

My WireGuard peer is on my corporate network, to which I am first
connecting via Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect.

If I use `route get <peer IP>` then macOS reports that it will send
traffic to the peer via the GlobalProtect tunnel interface. And I can
confirm this by sending UDP traffic from macOS to the peer server and
monitoring it going over that interface using Wireshark.

However, when I then turn on the WireGuard tunnel, it sends its
traffic over en0, my Wi-Fi interface, over which the peer is not

As a workaround, I can have my endpoint configured as localhost and
use socat to redirect traffic over the correct interface:

socat -T 3600 udp-listen:51820,reuseaddr,fork udp:<peer>:51820


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