Introduce Navigation component to Wireguard-Android

Harsh Shandilya me at
Thu Mar 24 06:06:51 UTC 2022


On 2022-03-17 22:58, Lao Deng wrote:
> I am going to add some un-related functions to Wireguard-Android . The
> final app. should look like the demo of
> ,
>  which  consists of a  bottom navigation component and several 
> independent fragments( or activities ) . 
> I am wondering how to introduce this navigation component to the
> wireguard-android  project with the least modification :) Could you
> please shed some light on it ?
> Thankyou for your attention :)  

I'm a bit confused, is this change something you are proposing for the 
upstream project or are you looking for assistance to implement this in 
a fork?

I don't think we want a Bottom Navigation component in the app itself 
since it adds no value to the app, the only new destination we could add 
with it would be a quicker entry into settings which is not a 
high-priority destination requiring such a prominent navigation action.

If you want to add it to a fork, the only real help I can provide is 
that MainActivity inflates the main_activity.xml layout which in turn 
handles inflating TunnelListFragment, so you'd want to make changes to 
MainActivity and its layout for adding the component.

Harsh Shandilya

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