Choosing local IP address

Erwan David erwan at
Sat Mar 26 20:27:22 UTC 2022


I have a wireguard setup between my home router (and the home network 
behind) and a distant FreeBSD servers with several jails.

I use IPv6 fir transport, but I have a routing problem because whan at 
home I need to ssh to the server, and if I use for endpoint address (on 
the home router) the main IPv6 address it ends up with a traffic half 
out of the tunnel (from home to server), and half in the tunnel (from 
server to home).

So I chose to add an IPv6 address to the server, route it outside the 
tunnel and use it only for the tunnel. But I cannot specify to wireguard 
on the server to use this address, thus I get packets from the main 
address, my router changes the endpoint address and tunnel does not work.

How can I say to wireguard which IP address to use when sending ths 
encrypted packets to the endpoint ?


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